Nicola J. Bradbury

BEd(Hons), MH, MIIR

Medical Herbalism - Cancer Support Therapy

Nicola Bradbury


Nicola Bradbury

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Integrated Holistic Cancer Support Therapy

Nicola Bradbury - Medical Herbalist

The need for a cancer support therapy regime to work alongside conventional treatments for cancer administered by medical doctors and oncologists, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, has evolved during clinical observations of patientsí experiencing fear, anger and a general feeling of helplessness once they receive a diagnosis of cancer by their doctor.

The aim of complementary support therapy for cancer is not to encourage false hope, but to create a feeling of control and personal responsibility in the lives of the patients and their families so that they can focus their attention on a positive daily programme that will enhance their quality of life, in many cases increase their longevity, and in some instances even contribute to a remission from the illness.

The cancer support therapy offered by Nicola Bradbury has developed after observing cancer patients since 1987. This programme involves, counselling, herbal medicine, micronutrient therapy, special dietary profiles for each individual patient, vibrational medicine and environmental analysis for toxins and electromagnetic disturbances that can undermine the patients' health.

Member of the British Herbal Medicine Association
Member of the European Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners
Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers